So this is the so called about me page... the page where your fans go to learn a little bit about the person or persons who are writing the posts for the website.

So who am I? Well I can tell you right now I hold no degrees in a medical or science background. The degree I do hold is a bachelors of science in journalism. I know, I know my writing comes off as something written by a dyslexic six-year-old (sorry to all dyslexic six-year-olds.)

But seriously who am I? If I had a god complex I would say I am the alpha and the omega... of course that is simply not true.

Who I am is a journalist who also happens to be a nutrition and fitness enthusiast who used to lean more toward the fitness side but is now more towards the nutrition side. I have been blogging on-and-off for probably the last six or seven years under the string theory fitness banner which some of those blogs now lay face first in a shallow internet grave.

I used to be someone who was really interested in bodybuilding and powerlifting in college and got myself to an uncomfortable weight of 190 lbs. Now I hover somewhere around 155 lbs and feel healthier and stronger then I did then... until I pinched a nerve and totally screwed up my spine.

Either way I came to the Paleo Diet via Tim Ferriss Slow Carb diet then to Mark Sisson's The Primal Blueprint I never took this Paleo stuff too seriously until I started having problems in regards to my back.

Stuff seems to work and helps me manage some neurological symptoms as I go through my once a week chiropractic treatments.

Why String Theory? 

I wish I could explain this better then I actually can. When I was like 19 I just thought it sounded cool and wanted to have a smart sounding brand so I went with it.

Too be honest I like science as much as the next guy but string theory makes no freaking sense to me. Basically, my concept was is I wanted to be excellent in all dimensions of strength, fitness and nutrition. Basically, trying to unify as many concepts as possible whether it be yoga, gymnastics, paleo, strength training, cardio and the paleo diet...

Great.... so that's the goal

I also run a tumblr that is part of this branding at strengthst.tumblr.com

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