Monday, March 2, 2015

I subscribe to a handful of blogs that are related to health and nutrition and probably at the very least only pay attention to about three to four of them regularly.

Frankly, they all spout the same rhetoric on the paleo diet in general. It seems fanatical, idiotic and shows how slow the evolution of thinking takes. Don't get me wrong I like the idea of a paleo diet, but the paleo movement in general is getting laughably predictable and boring.

How many times can I read an article about adrenal fatigue, vitamin D, going gluten free, grain free and high fat. Lets wax poetically about toxins and etc. for a bit because heck we need content for our blog that only caters to a fanatical group of people unwilling to change their thinking.

It is called evolution baby and yet some of  these paleolithic numbskulls seem to be fighting it hand over foot.

I eat real food, I basically eat paleo, however there is only so many versions of the same article I am going to read.

The handful of paleo knuckleheads I still follow (and they probably wouldn't call themselves paleo) are first and foremost is Richard Nikoly and the Free the Animal crowd. Nikoly seems to at time seems to be hell bent on unraveling low carb paleo dogma and show the futility and universal dietary approaches. Is Nikoly correct in everything no and probably not, yet, he provides good insight and causes you to re-examine and use critical thinking as it relates to the human diet.

I like Mark Sisson, I like Chris Kresser, Robb Wolf has a great podcast and Stephen Guyenet of the Whole Health Source is on another level when it comes to information.

There some other interesting thinkers, but those people seem to provide some of the best content and don't seem to be militant paleo zealots all the time.

I'm just getting tired of consuming the same ol', same ol' in health blogging. I'm sure Candida is a great topic for the newly recruited, when it comes to an article topic, but for me I'm hardly interested anymore.

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