Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thoughts on everyday leg training and occlusion training for warm ups

So I've been doing some thinking and some philosophizing about this whole strength thing. Mostly, I've been getting back into training hard despite having been beat up for about a year and doing almost nothing (sigh).
Rich Froning

Thinking about Crossfit, weightlifting and how both those sports are pretty interesting too me. I Feel like it would be fun to compete despite the fact that I'm as about as old as Rich Froning and look nothing like him so I guess I'll never be much of a competitor, lol. I need to add about 30-pounds of muscle just to be competitive since I don't think there are weight classes in this whole "Fittest Man on Earth" competition.

Well, anabolics don't really seem like an option and well I'm only half serious about competing in Crossfit despite not belonging to any sort of Crossfit gym.

Been trying to up my volume and do a lot more squats. Research on the effectiveness of squatting on and its overall hormonal affect and the other parts of the body seems interesting and promising. So I've squatted every day in some form or fashion for 25-days now. Getting some good gains and basically just fucking squatting weights with relative ease I normally couldn't despite how tired, hung over or shitty I feel.

Aside from some knee pain that I'm trying to solve with paying attention to form, foam rolling and stretching and maybe a few activation drills it has been a pretty good experiment.

However, now I'm interested in another area of fitness and that is occlusion/ kaatsu training. Occlusion training is something I sorta knew about, but not really much about. I recently read an article about kaatsu which appears to be the high tech equivalent on a NAVY magazine website.

More research and the more promising this type of training appears to be. 200+ GH increases in trainees (not sure if this trained or untrained athletes), bigger muscles, increased strength and faster recovery. Perhaps the most interesting is how occlusion training affects non-occluded muscles.

Basically, you can't occlude you chest and back, however, occlusion still can benefit these areas by making them stronger. Very, very interesting.

The criticism and one that I can completely understand is the structural integrity of  joints and ligaments not being able to match the growth rate of the muscles. Haven't really seen any studies supporting this argument, but it doesn't mean it isn't true. Basically, muscle gets bigger and stronger faster then your connective tissues.

arm occlusion

Even if this is true occlusion seems to be a powerful tool for injured populations or weak and fragile populations since you don't really need a huge weighted load to elicit any sort of training stimulus. However, it is probably useful in strength training populations as well since we tend to be the type of people who use and think about this stuff the most.

So anyways occlusion seems cool and I think missing it into your training is probably good as long as it isn't exclusively the only way you train.

I'm trying to think about a potential protocol for faster hypertrophy and performance. All completely untested but I think it would be interesting to begin your training doing some occluded squat, pull-up and press work for a warmup.

Always, do the squat first since it seems to be the best anabolic primer for them gainz! See my other blog 30madfit about this for more details. I'm thinking you could do bodyweight type stuff or just do real light warm up sets with anywhere between 95 to 135-lbs on the squat. This will probably be dependent on your body type and strength level.

Assuming you are in the squat cage doing these then there is probably a pull up bar. You could then bust out a few sets of pull ups with your arms occluded and then drop and do either some push-up, handstand push-up work or run across the room to the dip station.

Finally once you've done a few sets and feel warmed up or that your losing all feeling to your arms and or legs you can remove the wraps and begin your normal strength work.

There is also probably a diet component in there that will work best for you for getting them gainz (as we say in the ghetto). I'm not a huge fan of eating junk all the time to get your weight up, but if you have no fucks have at it. I'm thinking about experimenting with something like either the Anabolic Diet or the updated version of it that most people are calling Carb Backloading. Possibly even a Warrior Diet model.

However, all of this experimenting, even the diet part... there is no study or even anecdotal reports that I'm aware of that combining all these elements will even give you the effects you are desiring. This blog like I've stated in the past are usually ramblings on training and nutrition. More my deep thinking meditations and sometimes philosophizing on the subjects.

These are just curious areas I look forward to exploring in the future.

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