Monday, January 5, 2015

You are probably hoping for another thought provoking and somewhat researched article on this site. Well good luck because I don't always write quality articles like the one on vaccines. Instead I usually write ego-centric diatribes and observations on health and nutrition.

I completely lack expertise in anything or even have the accomplishments to make me worth to listen too. However, I write these because it serves as a personal journal that perhaps people can also find inspiration from or use to inspire thought in other areas of their lives.

So without further ado....

Lately my diet I would say is 80% vegetarian and about 20% carnivore. I don't really know why I am eating this way, but I just know I've been feeling good for the last few weeks.

Diet is something I am researching and I would say I lack the expertise to really give a critical opinion. I don't understand the physical mechanisms of anything on a biochemical level, but I get concepts.

Usually, I am experimenting with one thing or another here or there with varying results. Somehow, I became a high-carb vegetarian with an affinity for raw-honey drizzled on everything. I don't have any labs showing that this is the ideal diet for me, but right now I feel great.

My digestion seems to be really good and without weighing myself I would say my weight is stable or I'm a tad heavier but in a good way. Perhaps, my diet will gradually move back to being more carnivorous and high fat but right now I feel good.

I'm not anti-meat and although I am feeling and looking good besides having a weird rash that comes and goes on my body (which I've had for years now) I will never fully endorse a diet totally devoid of animal products. Yes I'm doing good for now on a less than normal amount of meat, but I'm just not an idiot when it comes to this stuff.

There are too many vitamins, version of vitamins and other compounds that come from eating a diet that includes some sort of flesh to advocate all people be strictly veggie. People who are ethical vegetarians and vegans to me are failing to fully educate themselves on the needs of the body or for that matter the amount of damage farming operations cause on the eco-system and the countless animals that are killed as a result.

Things that come to mind is the conversion of plant based Omega-3s to DHA, K1 to K2 which comes primarily through fermentation and milk and meat of ruminant animals, B-12, Creatine and more. 

People need different things at different times and we all have unique genetics, epi-genetics and etc. Veggie diet people may be thriving on such for a number of reasons but it doesn't mean that it is ideal for all or even completely ethical for the entire planet.

For me I can only guess that the reason being primarily that I was to heavy on the meat and fat for a long time that I was deficient in other things that I wasn't getting from plants–most in particular anything that is orange. I've been eating lots of orange stuff lately including actual oranges. Sweet potato and carrots have been my jam and I'm really enjoying.

Also, honey which seems to go on everything with either cinnamon or rosemary (last month was all about the curry spices).

I feel like I am more muscular than I was just a few weeks ago despite me being really concerned with a lack of appreciable amounts of creatine and leucine in the diet (both of which are primarily in meat,) However, I can only guess that there is some sort of storage capacity for these things in the body.

I murdered a slab of ribs over the course of two dinners and have to say the first night of the porky goodness it was magical. Tasted great but on day two it seemed forced and not as delicious. Who knows how long this will last but for now I'm like Tony the Tiger, "I feel G-G-R-R-E-E-A-A-T-T!"

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