Monday, January 19, 2015

Random Thoughts on Diet

My blog is not a great place for scientific information, heck I wouldn't even really call it good. There are some well thought out pieces on here, but they are few and far between. Most of the time it is random nonsense about diet and training.

Training lately has seemed way more interesting to me since I am at a point in my life where I just don't give a damn. I love training and despite being hurt I'm going to train hurt. I'll try to be smart and do some rehab type stuff so I don't get worse, but I'm not babying this shit anymore.

That being said despite my mindset being more about training and just upping my calorie intake I wanted to blog a little bit about nutrition. Not nutrition from any sort of scientific standpoint just personal observations about my evolving mindset.

Two-year-ago I was probably a paleo die hard. Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint was a bit of a revelation and The Bulletproof Diet seemed like a Bulletproof concept. However, the older I get, the more I read; the more I learn and realize I don't understand.

I start to see the same arguments for things over-and-over again and you would think with so many people saying one thing that it should be true and universal. However, the more I see that there is less creative thinking going on in these communities when it comes to the aspect of nutrition and that they are just recycling their own nonsense over and over.

I'm not saying that some of these people in this "paleo"thing are wrong, misguided or in it for the money but these universal truths that are so arbitrarily placed on what is appropriate human nutrition is just plain wrong. I think the revelation first sorta started when I started following Richard Nikoley's blog Free the Animal because of all of the resistance starch stuff.

A few months prior to that I had really thrown myself into the whole paleo low-carb stuff hardcore and was pushing myself harder and harder in the gym during my most emotionally stressful time of my life.

I had gotten my body weight way below what felt healthy for me and was walking around at like 150 and 145lbs trying to dead lift 400 lbs, bench about 230 lbs and squat somewhere around 370 lbs with a low bar squat. It was too much for my body and I just wasn't fueling it and eventually broke myself.

Nikoley really was challenging these notions of the low-carb paleo sphere and just paleo in general. What's good and what's is bad. I have to say that this philosophy was one I was trying to adapt but still struggled to fully implement in my life.

Most recently I've been reading some of Alan Aragon's stuff. Mostly, interviews with him since his published content is in his Research Review which costs money. The guy is smart and has an answer for anything that comes up particularly sketchy in this whole paleo thing.

Plus the more I start to pick up my training the more I'm just not convinced of low-carb high fat type of stuff. I'm now just trying to shove food down my gullet as long as it is real food. The gluten thing I'm still avoiding because I just feel better.

I think people argue so much for the gluten thing and think it is just a fad because they have trouble parting with the idea of cakes, cupcakes, pie, and bread. It almost seems idiotic to me that they can't figure out what to replace this stuff with. Hello, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, rice, beans, quinoa and maybe some oatmeal. There are plenty of carbs out there that too me can easily take the place of gluten.

Do I shy away from the stuff? No, I still have beer and a sweet treat occasionally when with I'm with friends. I don't feel great, but I don't feel terrible. I'm not entirely sure it is strictly a gluten thing with people as to why they feel like shit and more of a balance issue.

People are so busy stuffing their faces they aren't probably eating enough of the other things like meat, vegetables and fruit. There are plenty of nutritious things out there that people just seem to lack when they are too busy stuffing there faces with crap foods.

Aragon can challenge the gluten thing better than I can, he also can challenge the keto thing better than I can so I would just Google him. I'm just running on theory he is going based off of science. For me it is just how I feel sorta thing.

I tell people to try going gluten free and they will tell me that it doesn't effect them and that they feel fine. To these friends I would write that they've never felt fine or healthy because they've never experimented with their diets. They've never known what fine feels like because they have always eaten crap. Their skin looks like shit and they are over weight.

I know what makes me feel good because I've experimented with enough bullshit to know when I feel good and when I feel like shit. When I was going balls to the wall low carb paleo I was totally fucked up and felt like shit. Tired but couldn't sleep, cold all the time and just too thin. I know that is not optimal for me.

I still know that there is room for me to improve and to feel better. My brain works well but not perfect. However, this experimenting has taken me to this place where I almost little appetite for meat right now and for the last two or three weeks have had meet maybe only three times.

Instead, I've opted for lots of starch in veggies, potatoes and rice; vegetables, fruit, honey (goddamn does it taste good), lots of spices and hemp protein. Fats are butter, avocado, nuts and now I've started having some bone broth as well. I'm pretty much a vegetarian at this point and have only seen improvements in my body composition.

Will I stay this way probably not, but clearly dogmatism be damned. I like paleo simply because it gets people eating real food which will clearly help just about anyone and thinking about their meals. WAPF does the same thing but doesn't seem to be as well-known. However, once you've done it you'll learn that it isn't necessarily necessary to blindly follow.

NIkoley and Aragon challenge that and Aragon has the degree and the knowledge to do so. Plus look at some of the bodybuilding nutrition stuff. Sure those guys are injecting with god knows what but that alone doesn't win an Olympia watch Generation Iron and you will see how obsessive they are with diet. They are on to something and some of those methods are tried and true you don't get freaky with drugs alone it comes with good genetics, training and diet.

Anyways, just a rant on diet and not adhering to dogmatism.

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