Thursday, January 29, 2015

ADD training and Pavel Tsatsouline

I have ADD when it comes to training. There is so much information out there and I want to try it all. It is probably why I am the ultimate generalist when it comes to fitness. I don't excel in any one thing but do alright in lots of others.

My physique looks alright and I can compete in most sports without looking like an uncoordinated asshole. However, I don't excel and rarely can do a training program past a week without adding a million other variables.

I've written about my weightlifting ADD before for sites like Elite FTS (the only training article I've written published somewhere else). So this topic really isn't new territory for me.

In my mind I'd like to be strong like a powerlifter, Olympic lifter and agile like a Gymnast. I find a lot of joy in the general randomness of my workouts though which is why I like designing deck based workouts using the suits to determine reps and exercises performed.

It is like a poor mans Crossfit.

Today I was reading an article about a training program by Pavel Tsatsouline called Simple and Sinister. It basically sounded like you hammer out 100 kettlebell swings and 10 Turkish get-ups a day. Probably falls in line with Pavel's greasing the groove theory of training. The training sounds simple enough and something I wouldn't mind trying to apply.

Yet, I know somewhere out there, there is an Ido Portal video that will inspire to try something new and different. Gymnast coach, Christopher Sommner in many of his interview hammers home simplicity and repetition for his training as well.

I've never engaged in any of Sommner's training programs just listened to him and know that I probably lack enough focus to actually do such a thing.

However, as part of an effort to better myself and to become a better me I may at least take a crack at the Simple and Sinister workout. I haven't bought the book so I don't know all the intricacies of the program.

Yet, the concept seems easy enough to me and I may attempt it. KBs are becoming increasingly more fun to me lately when I do them in a Tabata style session so this might be a good way to increase work capacity.

Although, I am saying I will at least attempt the simple and sinister plan I am already dreaming up random kb workouts using the DOD.

Maybe it is time for a 30 day challenge. I am hoping to do a 30-day No Fap again since I generally feel like I see some interesting improvements in myself when I do so. The problem is filling the lulls in your day with something else.

Maybe doing swings and get ups will be a good thing to replace it with.

Warm-up (done 3x in a circuit):
Program courtesy of some random guy on the Mark's Daily Apple Forum:

1x5 Goblet Squats
1x5 Halos
1x5 Supine Bridges
(I've added a plank to the warmups)

and then, simply:

10x10 one-arm kettlebell swings
1x5 turkish get ups, each arm (10 total).

Lately, I've been becoming increasingly more interested in two handed variations of exercises when it comes to KB (double swing, snatch, clean and etc.) However, I'll try and see if I can give this a try. Maybe it will be a good morning routine since I find myself wanting to get more training in. I don't want to totally abandon my randomness since it is the randomness that keeps me training every day.

The only thing is I am having some decent injury recovery progress finally and feel like I am starting to make breakthroughs with some of this active mobility type stuff I am getting from Ido Portal. Also, the increase focus on pull-ups feels like is making a difference.

Granted most progress I make seems to take a step backwards by nature of my job. My job is very sedentary so even though I am training flexibility and different movement patterns to help with recovery I feel like me sitting for 6 or 7 hours a day at work is slowing the process down.'

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