Friday, January 30, 2015

30-day simple and sinister and 30 day heavy squat challenge

Ok pussies February is upon us and probably like most of you in the U.S. have already abandoned that goal to get fit for 2015. The main reason for this is probably because you are a fat lazy slob. You probably lack motivation.

Well crazy ass challenges are always a good way to find motivation to get better. Try going with out masturbating and porn for 30-days it is fucking brutal but rewarding. You will be filled with all sorts of energy and when you finally spill your hot fucking load it will be the best orgasm ever.

Anyways, the no-fap thing is not what I am challenging any of you too. No this months crazy challenge is to either do the Simple and Sinister Kettlebell routine as highlighted in my last blog post or to do a 30-day squat challenge.

You have to do heavy weighted squats everyday for 30-days. I typically like to do my heavy workouts in a fashion where I work up to a rep-max and then kill it for about 15 to 30-mins straight at that weight and rep max. There is usually no focus on sets or rest time just pure vitriol towards the weights I am lifting.

It keeps it simple this way and I don't really worry about breaking records or recording progress just go on how you feel.

I did the simple and sinister program this morning. Not bad but not completely destructive since I only have a set of 45-lb bells to work with or 20kg for my metric friends. The goal here is to work up to 32kg bells or about 70lbs.

If you are  a real masochist such as I then you will combine these two programs for everyday workouts.

The point of these workouts serve a two fold purpose: 1. improve strength and cardiovascular out put and 2. to increase flexibility and rehab.

It may sound counter intuitive to squat heavy every day, however, look at the preachings of Kelley Starret, Ido Portal and even Katy Bowman who encourage the squat of the natural resting position.

If you are like me and work in an office then you probably have tight hips from sitting and a hunched forward posture.

I can get myself into a deep third world squat, but it isn't natural or reflexive and only comes after some much needed stretching and tricks. The weights are going to force you to get into that position and we are going to reprogram those physical patterns so that squatting is more of a natural thing.

Yeah boy. The squat thing may sound brutal but you aren't limited to only one particular squat. There are a myriad of varieties which include, but not limited to: High bar, low bar, wide stance, narrow stance, box squat, front squats, goblet squats, pistol squats, skater squats, Olympic shoes, chuck taylors and etc.

Preferably you are doing heavy barbell squats of some type, but seeing how that may not always be possible every day and or because of training soreness it is open for variety. I put this caveat in here because I live near Lake Michigan and 15-20 minutes away from my gym. It is winter here in Michigan and with lake affect snow sometimes going to the gym is going to be a dangerous option. 

The idea for the squat challenge comes from an article from The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezsos Ban about a 100-day challenge. I for one am not that masochistic and prefer variety in my routine to certain degree. I'd probably blow my brains out if I did something for that long. However, I can recognize the importance of squatting in anyone's routine.

We could get into the myriad benefits as to why but we wont. I am however, hoping to start a new blog for these sorts of challenges and to write follow up articles to eat challenge. So the squat benefits article may be coming soon to a different blog near you.

As for the kettlebells. Well kettlebells rock! I'm starting to appreciate them more and more for their versatility, simplicity and their benefits. I like the idea of strength training and cardio, rehab and how they feel doing pressing movements.

If you are like me and find that the KB weights you own tend to be a tad light for certain types of workouts then I challenge you to do a modified Simple and Sinister workout doing the double KB swing and the double TGU. I for one will maybe hold off on this one for a moment since my TGU on my left side is a tad shaky, but if you are a total baller then go for it.

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