Monday, December 8, 2014

The need for rehab days

Movement is key to health and longevity. Sure the whole eating thing is pretty important as-well-as that little thing we all do at night called sleep. However, without going into the incredibly boring details of the importance of food and sleep (which at this point should be pretty obvious to anyone) we will instead focus on movement and most specifically rehab.

It would do almost everyone's body some good if they spent a little bit of time learning some basic movement drills, yoga poses and just about anything by Kelly Starrett. The reason being is I think everyday you should spend at the very least 10-12 minutes trying to increase mobility, range of motion and do some regular light rehab work.

If you are like me you are probably someone who routinely punishes their body with insane workouts that require more calories and rest than what is actually happening. Recovery is key.

However, for some people (I would assume most) would probably be embarrassed by  routine rehab work throughout the day. If you are someone who gets embarrassed easy and can't see yourself doing thoratic bridges in the middle of the grocery store then you may want to program a routine rehab day each week into your program.

As gym rats we spend a lot of time working on the big movers like our chest, legs, and back. Then we do the sexy stuff like arms, hamstrings and etc. However, we are probably spending very little time working on the things like are abductors, psoas, hip-flexors, scapula and etc.

Yet if those things are healthy then the whole body will feel much better. So each week maybe you give yourself some time to add in a few Sots Presses, do some batwings and more.

Its great to be strong, but even better if you move right.

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