Monday, December 1, 2014

Review DOD workout Jared

At first I thought maybe this workout had been too easy. On paper it should be hard pistol-squats, handstand pushups, one-arm pushups and split squats.

I will admit that I didn't do full range of motion. There is just no way I am strong enough to do 50 or more reps of any of these exercises. I used weight plates to compensate and it allows for progression over time.

I started with eight 45-lb plates in which I did my one arm push-ups, pistols and split squats off of and two 45-lb plates to touch my head on while doing handstand push-ups since I didn't think I was strong enough to go all the way down for the number of reps I'd be doing. (I was not at deficit). 

 I probably could have done the whole deck for this particular exercise and debated with myself if I do the final 20-cards or so. My willpower was great and I didn't feel any sorta intense fatigue like I did after attempting the Jesus. However, my wrists were getting sore and I figured to be cautious to avoid any additional injuries since I am largely in a rehab frame of mind as of yet.

I designed this exercise with the mindset of attacking some of the muscles that aren't quite as fun to train but entirely necessary for me as well as the stuff that makes you look sexy at the beach. It was pressing mixed with legs. The leg stuff was critical and with the pistol I was getting lots of low-back, ass and hamstring especially if I was going for depth. However, I wasn't going for depth and was instead trying to build a progression that was sustainable over time. So with the 8 plates I was getting mostly ass.

The split squat is good for proprioception and work on each leg individually. Despite being left ass dominant I am probably more right quad dominant in my squats. I'm all fucked up with a big left glute and a skinny left quad.  However, I'm hoping with these two lower -body exercises I can sorta rehab and correct these imbalances I 've developed. I do say I regret never really strengthing my weakness over the years because essentially training around injuries and imbalances have created more injuries and imbalances.

I thought for sure doing this workout would toast my legs but the fatigue only lasted a day or two after the workout.

Pressing has never really been much of a strength for me. I contribute it to A. lack of a good progression B. being primarily flat bench with a straightbar bencher C. cheating like a motherfucker with a spasm inducing arch while benching.

I should bench more from incline, use dumbbells and do overhead pressing but with my imbalances in my back side going heavy in those exercise can cause my back to lock up.

It sucks and for some reason deadlifting has always been more interesting. Maybe its because I feel cooler and more brutal as a 155-160-lb man pulling 400-lbs vs. me barely benching 210-lbs. I am attracted to being the big show despite not really being much of a "big show."

Doing more bodyweight stuff with tougher variations besides just your standard push-up seems like a way I can push myself without stressing other parts of my body that I normally throw out.

Overall, the lower body was not torched like I would have figure but it was instead my bloody triceps. They burn with a holy vengeance and my inability to recover is really showing how little training I've put into them.

I still think my legs, ass and hamstrings will get more play the stronger I get and the lest plates I use for this workout.

Anyways, give it a try and tell me what you think.

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