Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Office KB Circuit #1

I work an office job and I know all to well the dangers of sitting. I keep a lacrosse ball handy to keep the hamstrings loose. Every hour or so I get up and take a walk as well. It seems obsessive compulsive, but truthfully sitting all day drives me absolutely insane.

Lately I've been experimenting with short kettlebell workouts in place of my walk. Nothing too crazy and not with any sort of weight that is going to break the bank. Just easy circuits with a relatively light weight.

I'm not going for hypertrophy here just a little stimulus that will hopefully keep me loose and train the nervous system better. There is some cool ideas about nervous system training when it comes to lifting and it is something that I believe Coach Christopher Somner of Gymnastics Bodies fame likes to use with his athletes.

Basically, lifting a relatively easy load for longs periods at a time to increase strength and adaptation without constantly progressing in weight until the weight feels as light as a feather. I'm not poo-pooing hypertrophy work here but they both have their place. I think Chad Waterbury is a pretty big proponent as well and I sort of got my ideas from just reading up on his training concepts for HFT (without ever buying the book).

The KB seems like a perfect tool for the office. You will still look mildly insane doing exercise at work but I feel the KB will draw the interest of people more than say dropping and doing 20 push-ups.

The KB is versatile and will hit the heart and is perfect for working on all of those muscles that get weak from sitting too much.

Here is a quick circuit I made up for the office. Give it a try thanks

10- one-handed swings each side

8- single leg rdl with a row from opposite hand each side

6- bent over rows each side

4- squat to push-press each side

10- Crossfit swings

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