Friday, November 28, 2014

Deck of Doom Workouts of the Day review: The Jesus

If you haven't checked out the new page on the website I recommend doing so. Not a crossfitter myself I do see the benefit of having random workout days i.e. work out of the day (WODS). These are both good because if done smartly and with proper rest and coaching can help prevent overuse injuries (IMO) and can greatly increase GPP. Of course there is the added mental benefits from a lack of boredom which can be the bane of any person trying to get fit.

That being said thanks are owed to my friend Matt who about six months ago re-introduced me to card deck workouts. I've put up a page of different deck workouts you can do and explain basically how they work.

Today I just would like to review one of the first I published on the site– The Jesus.

I've yet to try Jesus the second coming yet but it is basically the same workout but with a bent over row variation instead of a floor press.

Basically, I think I hit it out of the park on this first one. I did this workout with 95lbs and couldn't finish the workout. I started with 95-lbs because I have pretty much never spent anytime in my life snatching or thinking about snatching besides when being done with a kettlebell and or dumbbell.

I'm not really that strong a guy to begin with and when I was at my strongest I could powerclean about 185 or 190-lbs usually with straps. I think high rep Olympic weightlifting work can be dangerous and/ or problematic for some people.

However,  these crossfitters are getting jacked and are super-athletic using Olympic lifts. It is a component I think a lot of average gym rats are missing and offers some good benefits. The deck is going to have you doing more reps than your average bodybuilding workout. This is not 10x10. This shit is like 10x1, 15x1, 5x1 and etc. Your rep scheme is going to be all over the place.

For safety sake as well as the fact that the power variations require in my opinion less coaching. The workout consists of a power clean to front squat, a power clean to shoulder press, power snatch and a floor press.

All the moves are full body and dynamic and the squat component is done in two separate movements instead of the typical clean.

95-lbs was just about right for me since I could do all the moves for multiple reps and under fatique. I personally don't have a super strong lower body, but I can manage to force myself to dig for an extra rep if need be on legs then in any pressing movement. At 95-lbs I can complete all the reps and still get a burn.

My rear delts were fried and the only reason I quit the workout was because of fatigue and my technique started to get wonky. Like I said the power movements are definitely in my mind safer and easier to learn when doing Olympic lifts, but about half way through the deck I could tell my technique was falling apart.

Since I am still largely in rehab mode and not looking to further injure myself and set myself back a year I quit the workout.

However, the rest of the day I was extremely tired out and the next day my whole shoulder girdle felt good but was smoked.

I can see this really getting awesome once I'm strong enough to handle more weight. My legs were slightly fatigued but not smoked. 95-lbs wasn't a big enough stimulus to totally wreck my quads.

Anyways, I'm pretty proud of this one and look forward to trying other variations of this like the apostle which instead of rowing or floor pressing uses a high pull and the false idol variations which uses either a kettlebell or dumbbell instead of a straight bar for all of them.

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