Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I'm looking over metrics for this blog and I'm trying to see what sort of articles seem to get the most hits.

Looking at what is getting the most views for the blog it would appear that they are possibly the posts that are the most researched and cited compared to the more editorial type of stuff as of late. Articles on Russia and chiropractors appear to be the favorites for this blog and both were early posts.

There could be a number of reasons why these posts were more popular. My thoughts are one that they are probably more interesting then my ramblings and thoughts on various issues and two they were probably more heavily promoted through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

I'm only posting about half of the articles I write for this blog through my various social media outlets.

Regardless, it may be in my best interests to begin writing the more heavily researched articles that I began with.

Of course I don't know if I can stop on the editorial stuff mostly because they are less work, a little more fun and let me speak a little more freely and openly.

In the upcoming months you may see a slight return to old format now that I am back to lifting and semi-regular exercise (despite still being hurt) and genuinely am in the process of re-claiming my masculinity by trying to eat big on a budget and get myself back to being a jacked 170lb male.

So expect more training and research based articles in the near future. Hopefully, I'll also start to reach out to other blogs (one can only do so much) and get some more attention here to this site.


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