Friday, October 3, 2014

Some ideas for more 30-day challenges.

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I am obsessed with self-improvement and as of late I've become sort of obsessed with these 30-day challenges. Right now I am in the midst of two challenges the No-Fap (which I've done before) and a no television (at least when I am alone by myself, will probably watch with friends).

I suffer from incurable boredom from time-to-time and well in a forthcoming post you will see that part of it causes me to act a bit crazy at times. These 30-day challenges although sometimes difficult allow me to make easy quick improvements in my life by exclusively focusing on something for 30-days.

I've been looking for something to cure my boredom and I was trying to find a website that offered a service similar to the book "This Book Will Change Your Life." Which I started thinking about and have yet to purchase after reading an article about optimism on the website High Existence. Generally, I am trying to be a more optimistic person but do find myself not being one especially when I am faced with uncertainty about something.

Then I stumbled across another article on High Existence about "30 Challenges to do for 30-days". Bingo! Something to keep me partially sane I will not be attempting these right now because the more challenges I put in front of myself the more chance of failure.

The secret is small victories but there are some really interesting ones on here. The one I probably really need to work on is self-love and not the kind that involves a hand and bottle of lotion. I am very critical and self-defeating so I need to work on not being so.

I struggle with stress and I am working on that all the time whether meditation and etc. High Existence is a great fucking site and is what really set me on my journey for meditation by adding a minute per week to your sessions. That article was revolutionary and I've stepped back and have been trying guided meditation through the Calm app on my phone. The app really isn't as affective but anyways I am promoting the hell out of this site. The one minute a day thing was great give it a try.

Another strategy for meditation is setting a amount of time and do small breakout sessions throughout the day to reach that goal and to lesson the fatigue.

O.K. this article isn't about meditation but it is about goal setting.

All the suggestions on the list from the article are gems but some of the ones I hope to put into practice sooner than later are the following.

1. To write a I-like-You Note/TXT/E-mail to someone

I do this basically as a weekly thing to the person I am seeing via that thing called mail. However, I generally enjoy writing nice and loving things for a person I generally like. It makes me feel good to hear about them getting the letter. I may have to start writing more daily affirmations of my affection simply out of selfish-reasons.

#6 Take a moment each day to practice self compassion and self-love

 I have a lot of self-doubt and create more stress for myself. If I practice loving myself I figure I'll be less stress on myself and those around me. 

 #16 Media-fast for 30 days

 This seems like this would be nearly impossible as a journalist but I think I could possibly do it with Facebook which seems to be a huge distraction and stress. I barely use Twitter except when looking for cool articles. Feedly and Tumblr are my favorites I'm not sure how to get myself through the day but I would probably be a much more prolific writer. 

 #18 Inspire yourself each day

 Who doesn't need a little bit of positive affirmation and inspiration. 

#28 Don’t complain for an entire day

Everyone who knows me knows I complain and worry mostly at the exact same time. Its gotten me into hot water before and it may just get me on that track to a more optimistic mindset. 

#30 Practice (at least) one completely selfless act each day

Obviously you should be a good person but if you do good deeds then the universe will do good back.


So those are just a few of the things on that list but they are worth trying if you're looking for something to do after the No Fap challenge. 



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