Monday, September 15, 2014

Stress my hidden enemy

I need to stop thinking so much about my health plain and simple. The more I worry, the more I become neurotic and unhealthy I become.

For me what the goal should be is just thinking about the exercise portion. This has always worked out for me in the past personally. Me giving only some regards to the nutrition part when I strictly focus on hard work I tend to feel better, be less stressed and have bigger arms for the ladies to swoon after.

Ever since my dad died I have become more obsessed than usual about my diet to the point where I feel like I neglect other important aspects of my health i.e. stress reduction techniques and a general intensity for the weight room.

All these paleo sites tell you that too much exercise is a bad thing and to try to limit it to reduce stress, cortisol, burn out, yada yada yada.

The way I used to function is push, push, push and then when you burn out rest a week, two or maybe even a month.

Busting ass has always been my philosophy and yet here I sit on my ass typing on a computer, I began meditating again which only does so much for my stress but unless I am physically incapable of moving I typically find myself going insane.

Reading up at Critical MAS about eating ice cream for weight gaining. Good idea I love ice cream. Time to get swole again. My only problem is that I've educated myself so much that I can't help but look at the back of the carton and make myself sick from all the weird names of shit that don't mean milk, eggs and sugar.

Blow my fucking brains out why don't you!

I didn't feel the best when I was bodybuilding but at 190 lbs I didn't have nearly the same amount of stress as I do now or half the digestive issues. Maybe there was something to be said about eating all that fucking pasta and drinking weight gainer shakes.

I don't think I can go back 100 % to gluten but as I wrote in an earlier post it does give a good mood booster from time to time for me.

So if there is any purpose to this blog post it is once you get healthy stop stressing the fuck out because well it will make you unhealthy.

I almost feel like redacting my cyclical vegetarian diet article since generally I'm on about week 2 and feel a little nutso. It is good for my budget but I think I'm focusing way too hard.

I get tunnel vision on certain aspects of health that I almost neglect an entire other part of it. I need to fucking stop... seriously. I also probably need to drink more and smoke more weed which I do so seldom.

You will read about all the deleterious affects and your doctor will tell you that it is awful for you. However, I'm starting to think that should be taken with a grain of salt because stress will probably kill you faster than a little bit of liver damage.

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