Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cyclical Vegetarian Diets: Not because I like it but because it saves me money

If there is anything I have to give to vegetarians is that their diet is like uber cheap compared to us meat eaters.

I didn't set out to experiment eating a vegetarian diet it just sort of happened out of general laziness and a lack of funds.

This past month or so has been generally a little pricey with only myself to blame. Trying to go out with a bang this summer by going to concerts, parties and finally buying a piece of furniture for my apartment.

Needless to say I over spent and when I returned home from a weekend at my moms all that was left in my fridge and pantry was hemp protein, butter, white rice and some onions. Not exactly  laundry list of ingredients but I made it work for about a week.

The hemp protein was consumed at every meal and when finally I'd exhausted my food supply I was still left with the hemp protein and thought fuck it lets continue with the experiment. I went grocery shopping and binged on some chicken for the weekend but mostly just purchased fruits and vegetables.

What I found is that A. meat is fucking expensive and B. I didn't need to eat it all the time if I was consuming a variety of other foods like fats, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

The last six months legumes have become a new favorite food despite them being termed third world proteins by Robb Wolf in his book "The Paleo Solution". Lentils and peanut butter have been added into just about every meal along with either butter or raw cheese.

Truthfully the cost of my grocery bill has been about the same but the speed in which I consume groceries has slowed by moving to a more vegetarian/ shake based protein diet. Hemp protein is something like $17 for a 30 serving supply at my local store. Although, the stuffs macro range is a tad on the low side since I am still trying to build muscle and recover.

Regardless, I've found that cyclical vegetarian diets to be sorta alright but for me if I go too long I do seem to have some mild energy drop offs. I'm not really aware of this until I consume meat afterwards.

I will never become a pro-plant only dieter it just doesn't make sense to me and whatever delusion a vegan wants to foster about their diet feel free to keep to yourselves. I'm about as militantly pro-meat as probably most vegans are about their plants so lets both agree that we are each equally annoying and then shut the fuck up when in public with one another.

Despite my pro-meat stance I do see the benefit of consuming more plants or at least for me at the moment I was thriving on it. Although, too long and I start to get an upset stomach possibly from all the fiber or possibly from a complete lack microbial diversity for all the new shit I'm eating (jicama anyone).

However, for the time being and completely for economical reasons I may continue this cyclical vegetarian diet. I'm about finished with my hemp protein and have my eye set on possibly buying a decent whey protein to experiment with and to get more macros in my diet.

Whey inherently seems a bit costly with a smallish jug of Now Whey Protein Isolates costing about $30. However, considering how much meat probably costs me I was probably spending about that every two weeks alone. Buying hamburger twice sometimes three times a week to feed myself.

If I'm going to consume most of my protein from shakes alone then it seems in my best interest to buy one that is of a slightly higher quality. Either way if the whey doesn't prove to be economical then I can always switch back to the hemp.

To be clear this wasn't strictly my idea this sort of came out of the Predator Diet that Jaimie Lewis wrote about on his blog Chaos and Pain (NSFW). However, I think there was probably a lot less carbs and way more protein.

Lewis would probably murder me for the amount of veggies and even the notion of a cyclical vegetarian diet. I just got the idea for shakes and the economic factor from his blog.

Obviously, I really don't advocate this diet for anyone and truthfully I would love to eat red meat every fucking day of my life. If you are someone who fancies themselves and athlete or enjoy lifting weights the hormonal benefits of red meat are astounding.

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