Monday, September 29, 2014

A case for temporary abstience and not the straight edge kind

After completing the No-Fap challenge I'm sort of become obsessed with the idea of temporary abstinence. I'm not talking sex either but instead I am talking about other things.

As I prepare for another attempt at the challenge I am thinking about other things to abstain from that would increase my productivity as well as channel energy into much more needed areas of my life.

The only other thing that comes to mind is television. I gave up television for probably almost eight months and the amount of reading I got done was short of amazing. I love reading and feel way more accomplished when I'm reading and finishing books than when I am watching T.V. and movies.

In general I hate T.V. but for whatever reason I like most of Americans can find myself becoming a slave to it from time to time. I've been watching movies non-stop and when I find myself with a lull in the day instead of investing energy into something creative or constructive find it incredibly easy to simply go to the video store and rent something to watch.

I've noticed subjective improvements in other areas in my life from temporarily abstaining from things whether it be masturbation and porn, television or simply avoiding my phone, computer and most importantly social media for a day to a weekend.

My brain just seems to re-wire itself and I find myself more energetic and more willing to seize the day. When I knowingly avoid distractions I get more creative writing done, reading, I go to parks and enjoy nature and I'm generally more enthusiastic about engaging in exercise.

I am not against masturbating per se or even pornography I find that the overly moralistic fear of these things to be absurd. However, I do in some regards agree with website Your Brain on Porn viewpoints on things. It can be a problem and the wiring in your brain can become muddled.

The same thing with television and other screen media. It can have different affects on your brain. You develop a general sense of apathy and/or laziness when you're constantly parked in front of these devices.

I like to nerd out on movies and television just as much as the next person but there is nothing more boring to me than a person who parks their fat ass in front of a television set, computer and/ or phone all day. These people have little utility in this world and generally are not really that interesting to me.

Where are you going? What are you doing with your life? What are your hobbies?

If you are constantly parked in front of the screen you are disengaged from the world and from people. I can't tell you how much I grew socially as a person when I moved away from the comfort of my hometown with no T.V., Internet and being a relatively long distance away from family and friends.

You learn really quick how to be more engaging with people and to take pleasure out of the time spent with them.

I am binging as much as possibly on movies and porn right now because come (cum) October I am giving it all up for a month.

I'll watch T.V. from time to time but it's inevitable when I am with friends but for my own personal time by myself screens will not be how I entertain myself.

I have a stack of books in my apartment that are half finished and the desire to finish them went out the window the moment I started watching television again.

So I am becoming a fan of temporary abstinence from things. I generally like myself more and from my own point of view a way more social creature than I used to be.

At the same time I am trying to also open myself up to more experiences in life as well. Be more willing to say yes to things and to give them a shot. This will probably be it's own blog post at some point.

But me being willing to expand my world view and to be more open to things probably couldn't or would have happened if I didn't remove the distractions.

 So I think it is worth finding a gray area in your life and removing for 30-days. Do a 30-day challenge with things other than some diet change but with other lifestyle factors and see how you feel.

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