Friday, August 29, 2014

A case for pizza: Why eating gluten from time-to-time is a good thing

I would like to maintain with all rants that you do your own research. Things quoted are based off of memory alone and have not been fact checked whatsoever. 

I'm a pretty big advocate of real food diets and the paleo movement. Although, I have concerns about some of the paleo dogmatists I feel like the more reasonable voices in the movements like Chris Kresser, Richardy Nikoly, Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson really are an inspiration and are to be listened too.

That being said that movement has basically demonized all things gluten. Despite the fact that some recent studies have come out supposedly debunking the gluten intolerance myth for non-celiacs and that it is  a FODMAP intolerance instead. I still maintain that people are probably better off avoiding these foods.

 I've read that gluten containing foods are drugs and that they act on opiate receptors from guys like Dr. William Davis author of "Wheat Belly." I've also read that this claim is based largely on one study conducted like 30-years-ago so it is invalid.

Regardless of what is true or not people are feeling better going on a gluten free diet. So despite being an advocate for the gluten free movement why am I writing a blog post about the merits of pizza?

This is tricky because I come to this world from a different place than a lot of people. Mostly, I come from it from a world where I wasn't really metabolically broken and was always fairly athletic even at my heaviest college bodybuilding days at around 185-190lbs.

Losing weight is easy for me gaining it is hard.

I came to the world of real food first through Tim Ferriss and then through Marks Daily Apple. I started on slow-carb lost weight and felt great, then I started eliminating legumes because hey that's what all the paleo gurus said to do. Then I tried ketogenic because hey more guru talk.
This is not the type of guru I am talking about

Aside from Mark Sisson and Ferriss a piece of bread or pizza will kill you. Hey maybe if you have an autoimmune condition this could be true (like Celiacs) or could destroy any healing you've done to yourself if you were already broken to begin with.

I like the idea of an 80/20 rule despite the fact that I have at times neurotically not followed this. If you are not familiar this is basically means you follow something 80-percent of the time. This essentially is what Ferriss and Sisson advocate.

 So is pizza going to come back in style and be the next health food?

Well probably not. However, I have to say I think a slice or two is probably good for you once you've avoided gluten for a while and are not metabolically destroyed in any way.

Nothing was more of a revelation than when I started eating carbs again in my diet. I was experiencing all the crap people supposedly experience from long term starvation. Yay! Add in pizza once in awhile and my mood just went through the fucking roof.

So who cares if gluten is a drug? People love drugs and we thrive on them and are even somewhat evolutionarily dependent/co-evolved with them. Think about the fact you have receptors for nicotine, cannabis and a whole host of other things. Not to mention the psychological benefits associated with the occasional use of hallucinogens that have been found/ are being researched.
somehow life doesn't seem so bad on drugs

In moderation and if used smartly drugs are a magical thing that can help you with all sorts of mental/emotional ailments. Nothing is better than a straight shot of whiskey when dealing with the loss of a loved one. It is in excess where we get into trouble and drugs become a detriment.

So why can't gluten be a drug that we selectively used for enjoyment. Once you've been devoid of it for a time being why not occasionally have a slice of pizza. If gluten is an opiate like Davis says it is than by god pizza could be a cure all for mild/moderate depression.

I personally have noticed that from time-to-time a cupcake, piece of pie and a slice of pizza can do wonders for my mood. I have good blood sugar control so indulging and enjoying a good loaf of French bread doesn't send me into the suicidal spiral some keyboard warriors would have you believe.

Obviously, the dose is in the poison. Too much of this stuff and yes I do feel like shit. Too many beers with the guys, pizza, bagels and a diet devoid of protein and vegetables will have me feeling like shit.  But by selectively eating this crap once in a while I literally re-program my will power and get a good dose of serotonin as well.

Shit sometimes I get a massive boner from eating a pizza or two. There are studies that show that life expectancy goes up with calorie restriction. However, with that restriction libido goes down, the body from my understanding wants to reproduce when it is in a surplus of calories. It shows you are strong and willing to pass on your genes. This is all very unscientific and coming from memory and me connecting the dots.

Too low carb and I wake up with a flaccid cock. However, I eat the right amount of carbs or more than usual and spontaneous boners and morning wood becomes the norm. Sure it is a tad difficult to piss in the morning but nothing is more encouraging or makes you feel like Tommy Lee more than a rock hard boner.
This guy knows a thing or two about having boners

So exercise moderation and if you aren't someone who was a fat ass most of their life, have an autoimmune issue and doesn't suffer from a diabetic condition eat a fucking slice of pizza. Hell eat two if you are depressed it might just be the medicine you need.

Also, it gives you boners which I said before and is awesome.

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