Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A case for "Holistic Exercise"

I hesitate to write an article on "holistic exercise" simply because I tend to want to avoid sounding "new agey". Of course I guess I'm slowly moving to that new age hippy mindset which seems so popular lately and well seems kind of validated by the science.

I'm not of course talking about using energy crystals and other crap like that but rather things like probiotics, fermented foods, using natural cleansers, going without soap and all that crap. The thing that took me the longest to come to adopt and am still working on it is this concept of hollistic exercise.

I'm drawn to heavy lifting and power sports. I'm not built for them of course but they fascinate me and as I fail as a man in a lot of things in my life I feel my masculine, butch and alpha when I'm lifting heavy things.

Of course it seems as if doing that heavy lifting has also sort of hurt my body and taken a real psychic toll on myself. I hesitate to guess where my lifting is at right now since I've pretty much taken a year long hiatus from any sort of serious training due to injury.

For me it has mostly been calisthenics, kettlebells and a macebell none of which I am doing with much intensity or regularity. I'm basically trying to rehab but remain functional and I wish I could say I was getting better at these things but I'm probably still about average or the same at them.

So where does this term "holistic exercise" come in? Well I've learned that it is sort of important to be kind to your body through yoga, meditation, functional exercises, foam rolling and etc. Basically, all the stuff that is not fun to do I'm learning has a place in your routine.

All these things I've always known to be important but have never made them a priority... now they are my priority.

I'd like to get back to lifting and doing some bodybuilding, crossfit, powerlifting style workouts again. Get the keg and start lifting that as well but an issue I seem to run into is that my body physically is damaged and it scares me to try those things as well.

Stretching and foam rolling as idiotic as it seems is and should be more of priority for me. If I start hitting the gym hard again I might forget about these things.

Steve Maxwell is a guy worth checking out on this stuff. He seems to really take the whole holistic approach seriously and too the next level. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

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