Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thoughts about ways to increase macros

I am really slacking on my follow up articles... perhaps I'll get to some of my other articles I've been promising to do a follow up to this weekend but between writing for other websites and for my job at the paper I tend to get burnt out and neglect my own blog.

A while back on what I think is my Tumblr I posted an idea for a high protein budget diet using protein supplements as the bulk of your food needs. Well to say the least I never tried because at the time I was too poor to invest in any sort of thing that could potentially fail. Thus I may have spent more in the long run to assure that I bought real food which... I know will successfully live off of.

Maybe if I  can find it I'll re-post the diet but from what I can remember it was mostly a rip-off from Jaimie Lewis' Predator Diet from the Chaos-and-Pain Blog which ranks in my top 10 favorites. Regardless Lewis' was blogging the other day about getting massive amounts of protein on a budget which he suggested stews, chicken and I think somewhere it was mentioned evaporated milk.

Well as it so happens I was paid today and I'm trying to get my physical prowess back to where it was before I was floxed and basically had my entire body fall apart. Still I am largely calisthenics based working on pull-ups, hamstring curls, glutes and low back to rehab and work on some weaker areas. My training is pretty much on a budget right now so a gym membership and supplements are pretty much out the window.

Im focusing more on my backside since these are my weaker muscles and the ones that will probably respond best to calisthenics training. I like to swing a kettlebell from time to time but find this also pretty miserable as well. My favorite tool as of late is my Macebell that I bought years ago back when it looked like Torque was still in business now I'm not so sure.

Hopped up on a b-12 patch I've been thinking about this whole stew idea and how I can get more macros. I feel like I might be too concerned with my micros (not thats a bad thing) but I need to find out how to get my protein in my system. I can only eat so much before I get full and I'm not exactly planning on buying whey protein shakes anytime soon since they are expensive to buy.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately and have even considered making my own protein shakes once I use up some Maca. I've found an interesting here, that I may make. Not a vegan but it might be a good way to get some additional micronutrients into my system, Initial cost might be a bit much but I'm hoping to make enough to supply me for a while.

I'm going to try this soup thing though and see how much crap I can put in it that has protein. Homemade broth, chicken, beans,kelp salt, gelatin packs, evaporated milk, maybe melt some hard cheese or something into the mix. Hmm... beverages kefir, milk and I don't know what really. Should be interesting to see what sort of concoction I can make and how affordable it is.

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