Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thoughts about ways to increase macros

I am really slacking on my follow up articles... perhaps I'll get to some of my other articles I've been promising to do a follow up to this weekend but between writing for other websites and for my job at the paper I tend to get burnt out and neglect my own blog.

A while back on what I think is my Tumblr I posted an idea for a high protein budget diet using protein supplements as the bulk of your food needs. Well to say the least I never tried because at the time I was too poor to invest in any sort of thing that could potentially fail. Thus I may have spent more in the long run to assure that I bought real food which... I know will successfully live off of.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vitamin D

Vitamin D rewrite. I know I had originally posted  a Vitamin D article upon a re-read I have determined that it is poorly written awful and will be doing a rewrite with actual citations.

Over the top: how to build strong tendons pt 1/3 partials

It's hard to think about what to write about for a blog. I mean its easy to come up with topics thats not the problem since there is about six billion websites talking about strength and nutrition that I could copy.

In fact just about any topic I write about is going to end up being rehash of older material. I mean truthfully unless you are on the forefront of emerging research whatever you write about is coming from someplace else for inspiration.

Nevertheless, the one thing I can offer is to prevent information with my witty sense of humor and some time vulgar tongue.

So anyways I was thinking what should I write about and was thinking about tendon strength or rather methods to increase tendon strength.

It is one thing to increase muscle strength and this appears to be slightly easier but it doesn't always go hand in hand with tendon strength. However, strong tendons do usually along with muscle strength.

Increasing tendon strength is much slower though and a bit more time consuming but I find that the exercises that increase tendon strength are much more fun to do.

In todays series we are going to talk gymnastic progressions in calisthenics, static holds and partials.

So what is a tendon?