Monday, May 5, 2014

You wear your health on your skin

I've come to the conclusion that you wear your diet on your skin, most notably your face. I write this because after partaking on an epic binge of movie popcorn I ate pizza with co-workers as part of a small work celebration.

I have tons of willpower and in fact for me avoiding foods that I know to be bad for me are so easy that I have to almost actively will myself to make a decision that involves poor food choices. It's funny I started to do these things as a sort of a way to de-stress and to be able to function more comfortably in social situations.

Eating pizza, popcorn, ice cream and etc. has actually become extremely stressful to me. It's funny but for me I've been eating pretty clean for a long time and have been damn near spotless for about seven. Yet I partake in these rituals so that I can feel included in things and because I don't want to regret having passed up a good night of pizza and beer with friends from time to time.

Yet despite occasionally willing myself to partake in these rituals with friends from time to time I can literally feel it the next day in my joints and in particular on my face.

It's funny I can literally feel the pimples forming on my skin and I know that I suffer from a fungal infection so it really isn't in my best interest to partake from time to time.

I get acne and my body breaks out into a weird funky rash thing that doesn't look particularly sexy. Its an issue I'd like to put to bed. However, it is hard to get rid of and you damn near feel like death trying to murder this thing.

Anyways I this is just one of those silly ramblings that make their way into blogs once in a while. Me just noticing how when things aren't dialed in how I wear them on my skin.

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