Friday, May 30, 2014

Whats making us sick the milk we drink or are lack of microbes?

My last post was about Vitamin D and I know I said I was going to post a part 2 with sources explaining my rationale but as it happens I've been motivated to write a post on a completely separate topic.

I started my real, real food journey about a year... and a half or more ago. I mean I was cognizant of my health and what I ate did some slow carb stuff, bodybuilder stuff, ketogenic stuff as well in the way of my diet. True real food though I got into this paleo, WAPF or whatever thing super hardcore this past year.

Nothing intrigues me more then this whole microbiome thing. I mean seriously the only supplements I really truly invest regularly in at this point are probiotics and that's because I think their awesome and infinitely fascinating.

I'm probably short changing myself in other aspects of my health but I think microbes are amazing. I just finished reading an article about the Farm Affect and Soil on Yes! Magazines website thanks to Dr.BG's blog. If you aren't sure who Dr. BG is then know she is basically Richard Nikoly's co-conspirator along with "Tater tot" Tim Steele in this whole resistant starch thing over on Free the Animal.

There work on this stuff is awesome.

I digress though because I've been thinking about the farm affect and I've also been thinking about Raw Milk.

I'm a proponent of raw milk and think it is incredibly healthy if handled properly. There seems like there is always a scare when it comes to raw milk and the FDA warns against E.Coli despite the fact that there are more E.coli scares in federally regulated food products then in raw milk.

 I've never gotten the runs or felt sick from drinking raw milk or eating raw milk products... yet people would have you believe it causes death. I mean some people get e.coli but is the fault of the milk or is this the fault of the diet people eat and the way our food is produced?

I think this is a real serious question because it seems as if more and more studies are coming out that we our essentially fucking ourselves in the ass for years of antibiotic, antibacterial, vaccinations and fertilizer use.

Are microbiomes aren't nearly as robust as they were four decades ago or even a century. So is it the milks fault you get e.coli which as it happens we all have in our stomachs or the fact that we don't have a robust enough microbiome.

It seems to me that people who get sick lack the right bacterial colonies to balance things out in their stomach. Obviously, this is all theory I'm not backing this up with science or citations. Observational studies are the worst and I'm basically doing just that.

But truthfully we don't play outdoors, make mudpies or eat dirt as children like we used too. We have sanitized our lives and in doing so it seems its made some people more susceptible to getting sick from foods i.e. raw milk.

So is it the milk thats making us sick or is it the world we've created around us?

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