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I'm back in the U.S.S.R. and You Don't Know How Lucky We Are part 1/3

Today I was thinking a lot about the various aspects of my interests and how one part of the world has played a huge role on development of those areas. The part of the world is Eastern Europe and in particular Russia.

Interests such as weightlifting, kettlebells, powerlifting, smart drugs and gut health. To go even further my favorite MMA fighter of all time Fedor Emlienanko and in general I enjoy porn with busty all natural Eastern European women– thank god for the internet.

One thing that I do not like though is Vodka, I'll stick to good old American bourbon as my alcohol of choice. 

That being said I am not Russian and depending on who you ask I may or may not  have any sort of eastern European in me–I'm German and Scandinavian.

However, much to that part of the world's credit they have really innovated in certain areas. So lets look at some of the awesome things they have done excluding the fact that women from that particular depressed region are beautiful.

So with further ado lets look at some of the awesomely epic achievements of E. Europe and most in particular Russia.

Lets begin with supplementation and sports performance with regards to the ultimate class of supplements– anabolic steroids. I would like to add I am not a steroid user, in fact, if you were to look at me I would probably be a better candidate for EPO since I look more like an endurance athlete despite me fighting my genetics tooth and nail.

That being said it looks like the Germans were maybe the first in the great steroid race–yay us, So the often maligned and hated class of performance enhancing agents was started with us the Germans. At least it appears that we made a particular discovery that led to their creation and then apparently the French went ahead and created them.

From The Amazing History of Anabolic Steroids in Sports
The testes have been known to be responsible for male-typical characteristics and behaviors since ancient times but it was not until 1849 that scientists learned how this happened. German scientist Arnold Adolf Berthold discovered that the testes influenced masculine behavior by secreting an unknown substance into the bloodstream.

A few decades later, French physiologist Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard, the father of modern-day hormone research, sought to capture this essence of masculinity with a concentrated extract derived from guinea pig and dog testicles. He claimed that injecting the extract would increase physical strength and intellectual ability in humans.

Congrats to us for being the home or being responsible for  some of the most hated things: WWI, WWII, Nazis, Schiza Porn and to add to the list the creation of anabolics.

Ok, ok so how does Russia play into this?

Well Russia was pretty big into the whole steroid thing especially when it came to Olympic Weightlifting and Wrestling.

Apparently, it was suspected that legendary strength guru Bob Hoffman of the York Barbell Club suspected these nasty E. Europeans as having been using in the 1952 Olympics. I can't confirm or deny but according to the same article previously posted they in fact had

Steroid use by elite athletes was no secret by this time but everyone was still wondering what the Russians and East Germans were doing. Athletes thought that there was some top secret steroid being used by athletes in these countries that accounted for their dominant performance in many international competitions.

It was widely suspected that the Soviet and German governments not only sanctioned steroid use by its athletes but spent considerable resources researching the use of steroids for increasing athletic performance.

Bob Hoffman of York Barbell publicly attributed the dominance of the Soviet Union weightlifting team in their very first Olympic appearance at the 1952 Helsinki games to hormone products. This suspicion was confirmed in 1954 when an intoxicated Russian coach admitted to Dr. John Ziegler that the Russian weightlifters were using large amounts of exogenous testosterone.

But they apparently were heavy into the research aspect as well. Honestly, this is a really fascinating article so please go read this.
A top secret 39-page Russian doping report entitled “Anabolic Steroids and Sport Capacity” published by the State Institute of Physical Culture in Moscow in July 1972 confirmed and provided a rare glimpse into the ongoing state-sponsored research into performance-enhancement drugs during this period.

Dr. Michael Kalinski was one of the recipients of this document when he was the former chairman of the department of sport biochemistry of the Kiev Institute of Physical Culture. The document provided the results of studies conducted on Soviet athletes using various combinations of anabolic steroids.

Research studies involving “Nerobol” and “Retabolil” were conducted on athletes in a variety of disciplines such as biathletes, rowers and basketball players. “Nerobol” is the Russian brand name for methandrostenolone popularly known as Dianabol. “Retabolil” is the Russian brand for nandrolone decanoate also known as Deca Durabolin.

The Russians popularized the synergistic combination of steroids in a practice known as “stacking”. Steroid s tacks including a combination of Dianabol and Deca Durabolin seemed to be the most effective and popular combination used among Russian athletes during this period.

The document provided clear recommendations for steroid use for elite athletes in sports such as weightlifting, boxing, wrestling and even gymnastics.
But enough with this steroid stuff which is incredibly interesting and also damn those French for corrupting our sports or thanks for making them more awesome.

Lets look at weightlifting.

Anyone who is familiar with American powerlifting probably knows the name Louis Simmons. Louis Simmons is basically the Obi-wan Kenobi of American Powerlifting. Simmons talks a lot about Russia periodization and etc and in an interview I remember hearing him talk about a book called super training by Yuri Verkhoshansky.

So obviously these ruskies have had an influence on the strengths sports in that regard. However, the Russians aren't known as powerlifters they're known for being Olympic Weightlifters.

Well not just Russia but the whole Eastern Bloc. The Bulgarian Weighlifting Team is a legendary when you talk weightlifting.

From Everything2:
The general adaptation theory states that when an organism is placed under a certain stimulus, that organism will become adapted to that stimulus.
Let's talk about the adaptive theory from a weightlifting perspective.
In the 70s and 80s, the Bulgarian national team was one of the most dominant weightlifting teams in the world. No other team produced medals and champions on an international basis as consistently and as frequently as the Bulgarians.
The significance of this is that the population of Bulgaria is some 8 million; in comparison to the US, the Soviet Union, China, etc., Bulgaria had a much smaller talent pool to train from, and yet it was the Bulgarians who dominated the medal stands, and it was the Bulgarians who ranked at the top of the end-of-year list every year.
During the years of Bulgaria's strong weightlifting presence, Ivan Abadjiev presided as head coach of its national team.
Abadjiev's training methods at the time were unheard of. His athletes trained twice a day, six days a week. There were no assigned "light" days, a very high percentage of the training sessions called for a certain high "limit" percentage of the athlete's maximum ability, i.e. 95% of his best snatch, 97% of his best clean-and-jerk, 97% of his best front squat, etc., and the numbers were generally assigned by a coach or trainer. Also, the athletes competed much more frequently, and competitions were incorporated as an integral part of the training cycle, meaning there was essentially no defined endpoint to training - there was no "off-season," which is often viewed as a requirement in all athletics. It is commonly accepted that there must be an extended period of time in which the athlete is not training and competing for sport in order to recover physically and psychologically. The methodology under which the Bulgarian national team trained was so radical and so distinct, that it became known as "the Bulgarian method." It is important to note that the so-called Bulgarian method was not a static set of rules and numbers. Abadjiev was constantly adjusting the application of training in order to improve performance; most notably he would later emphasize specificity, meaning that the training of the national team revolved around an increasingly small amount of movements. Only movements with high correlation and carry-over to the competition movements, such as the front squat, overhead squat, and snatch/clean high pulls were implemented in training.
I mean these guys were absolutely awesome. So these Eastern European types were strong and awesome, with major influences on strength sports.

The training method was primarily in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting however it has transferred into over into other sports as well thanks to Simmons and others as well.

Also, one of the baddest weightlifters currently is Latvian and if you are unfamiliar was at one point a member of the U.S.S.R so I pretty much count that as something awesome coming from Russia or at least a region heavily influenced by such

If he isn't making you pee your pants then maybe one of the greatest wrestler of all time will.

In the next post I discuss Sambo, Fedor Emlianenko and MMA and Kettlebells. After that it is probably going to be nootropics and probiotics.

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