Tuesday, May 6, 2014

60-day Reset

I think just about everyone knows what the 30-day reset is and if you don't then you can look back in previous posts where I talk about actually committing to one or just Google.

Anyways, I think for the most part it is a liberating thing and it is a good thing to help pinpoint allergies. Chris Kresser has pointed out that he sees it mainly as an elimination diet and I agree that it is.

However, I find that the reset for me wasn't too bad but I think after about 30-days I wasn't too patient to begin reintroduction. I could have easily ate that way for another two months but to be frank there is so much interesting information about health and nutrition that I just simply get to excited and want to try new things all the time.

I think my huge downfall was that I wanted to start trying fermented yogurt products which then lead to butter and cheese and whole string of things.

I wouldn't say it was a nightmare... just a failed experiment that's all.

Anyways I think that it is maybe hard to get complete compliance to the reintroduction phase which is why I think another possible strategy would be almost like a 60 day reset.

This is largely an N=1 experiment that has yet to take place but is one I plan on soon embarking to see what sort of results can be gleaned from the whole experience.

The plan is that for the first month or however long you choose that each week you eliminate a category of food that can be potentially troublesome. I think it is best to define a time range for this so that you aren't spinning your wheels.

Here is what mine looks like it basically modeled in a way to get me back to a strict paleo diet which if you know anything about me know I like the paleo diet but have been rallying against it in more recent times. Mostly Low-carb paleo and the exclusion of legumes.

I think hardcore paleo is good as a therapy but not as a long term diet... much like GAPS.

1. Nightshades: peppers, potatoes (not sweet) and some other random stuff.
2.starchy fruit and melons/ nuts
3.Sweetners (excluding for ferments)/ Eggs/Grains
4. Fodmaps/beans/Dairy (minus butter since I have some to use up).

Obviously gluten is off the menu from the beginning and there are some other items I probably need to exclude like grains, coffee and chocolate. Probably just cut those out for a full reset when i start phase 2 during week 5.

Phase 2 is basically a month of strict paleo. the purpose for this is to basically to start making some basic assessments of what is working and whats not for your diet so that reintroduction can go a little bit faster. Also, I am trying to ease the transition into a strict diet to avoid some awkwardness in your social situations as well compliance.

Compliance isn't an issue for me over the course of 30-days but after those days I just wanted to try every new food under the sun.

So now that I've had my share gluten and dairy goodness from pizza, popcorn, ice cream and beer I'm now I'm now ready to partake in this grand old experiment.  

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