Monday, April 7, 2014

Thoughts on a possible candida treatment

So as stated this article is about how I am going about trying to prevent the affects of a candida overgrowth while on antibiotics and then my post strategy.

Nothing about this is really a proven method and is really just me interpreting how to deal with a condition.

First and foremost I am trying to keep my immune system strong so that means I am taking cod liver oil. Aside from the obvious benefits of fish oil on cholesterol and inflammation cod liver in particular has fat soluble vitamins A and K.

I'm not taking the beloved Green Pastures fermented kind which would be doubly good but I do believe my Nordic Naturals is a good second.

Second to this is I am taking serrapeptase on an empty stomach. Basically this Chinese silk worm stuff is supposed to be good for sinuses as well as being good at fighting biofilms. I am taking this to basically improve the effectiveness of the antibiotics.

If there is any sort of bacterial shenanigans that I don't want going on in my system I figure I am going to boost the performance.

Through all this I am hammering bone broth and ferments to basically keep my stomach in tact and to keep some beneficial bacteria swimming around in there.

My diet is moderate carbohydrates but not very high mostly sweet potato, plantains and a banana at night before bed. Trying to get resistant starch to fuel bacteria and produce butyrate.

At the moment I am trying to use up the rest of my Primal Defense Ultra probiotics taken with Bobs Red Mill's Potato Starch [RUMPS] with a green powder that contains other fermentable fibers and bacteria.

This is affectionately referred too as bionic fiber on Dr. BG's blog the animal pharm. I occasionally mix in Fiber 3 from Now which contains Inulin a fermentable fiber.

Trying to focus on sulfur veggies onions and garlic as well.

Once the antibiotics clear I will begin phase two...

Phase Two is a more specific biofilm supplement Kirkmans Biofilm Defense alongside a candida support supplement with containing black walnut, oil of oregano, caprylic acid, pau d'arco and some other misc shit.

This will probably make me feel like shit but since the doctor didn't prescribe flucanazole or nystatin I have to do what I do.

Will probably also purchase Gynemma Sylvestre which has been shown to reverse the forms of candida to a more treatable form. Also is good for blood sugar.

This will all be taken with the usual paleo diet that I am moving closer to what I perceive as a Wahls Diet light since I am emphasizing color more then ever.

Along with all that jazz I am going to be taking prescript-assist a premiere soil based probiotic [SBO}. I could not find a source to sell me Megasporebiotic which is the pharma shit for SBO and don't know who to ask besides maybe my chiro who generally seems like an understanding guy.

Vitamin C to bowel tolerance as well some general antioxidant clean up agents like NAC area also potentials here. The reason being Vitamin C may not be affective on Fungal infections but it has a whole host of other benefits. Like improved immunity, glutathione and etc. NAC is a precursor to glutathione. These are possibilities

Glutathione master detoxer and anti-oxidant. Read about it somewhere since I am not researching here just pooping thoughts out in a post.

Also, bentonite or activated charcoal to soak up some of the neurotoxins that can be produced from the candida die-off or whatever. Neurotoxins? I'm not really sure.

To be clear I already had candida I was diagnosed like 6 months ago and have made improvements but this shit is just me taking it to the next level and preventing me from sliding backwards.

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