Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Approach to Eating

I am not a paleo dogmatist, in fact, I don't think I ever claimed to be but probably for the last 6 months or so went off the deep end with it and was actually practicing it.

I have to say be crazy low-carb paleo sucked and it didn't really make me feel better. What did make me feel better is when I started eating a variety of foods and stopped being low-carb.

You see my body thinks it's an athlete despite my physical activity being less then what it used to be. When I started eating carbs again I started getting bigger. Not bigger as in fat as in my muscles just started to fill out again.

I'm trying to be an athlete again and I'm trying to get strong again. The thing is that in considering this my approach to eating has changed.

My outlook on eating has changed as well. The thing I look at our what are my goals, what do I need to do to meet them and what foods will help me get there.

I want to get big and strong again and honestly if I could get some lean gains in and get my weight back to wear it was in college 190-lbs on a whole foods real diet that would be ideal.

That being said I am probably weighing in at like 155-lbs and was probably at my healthiest about 170-lbs with a huge amount of disposable income to buy protein shakes, creatine and legal amphetamines (boy do I miss my Ja3kd). 

Not so much anymore, I gots bills to pay, and now any extra income I have goes into higher quality food.

So, my goal is right now to get strong again with rehab a number one priority. If you haven't been reading this blog and who am I kidding you probably haven't since it is in it's infancy. Then you should know I have some injuries due to atrophied muscles and spinal misalignments.

Not fun I assure you.

Also, I've been battling candida as well as side effects from Levaquin an antibiotic that totally messed with my digestion.

The digestion is getting there praise the lord.

So I have to prioritize which condition to address first.

The spine stuff is probably the stuff and the digestion stuff are probably the two biggest things. The candida isn't as troublesome as it was.

So each thing probably requires a different diet.

My approach to diet right now is to look at food as fuel and fuel alone.

I enjoy cooking nice meals from time to time but it can be expensive and require special ingredients or equipment you may only need for that one meal. $$$ adds up.

Even though I joined this paleo cooking club.... despite being not 100% any longer I don't really give a shit how pretty my meals look.

Right now I look at things as fuel and what purpose they are serving.

Protein, Fats, Carbs, Vegetables and Fruit.

Its not glamorous and I certainly know that their are differences in each of these categories and take into consideration all these things.

Right now though I am trying to maximize my protein and resistant starch. So I'm eating dairy and legumes.

Both are sort of no-nos on a strict paleo diet.

However, I want protein even if it doesn't have all the aminos I need. Either way I eat meat with cheese/yogurt/kefir and lentils with just about every meal.

People who complain about beans being not worth the effort to eat I think are fucking lazy. I sprout my lentils and honestly it is the easiest thing in the world. It takes probably 24-hrs to get them to sprout and no I do not ferment them afterwards.

They don't cause me problems since I hammer RS in every meal I eat with SBO probiotics– I do prescript-assist.  I either take my RS in flour, green bananas, cooked and cooled rice, and just about any other way you get it.

I try to take a lot of it in and honestly beans, beer and store bought ice cream have not been an issue as of late.

I will eat quinoa as well. I want to maximize my protein as much as possible even it means eating them in the form of carbs.

I have a good metabolism so sue me but I also have always been active and have never been a lazy sloth.

Honestly, I feel a million times better not being LC Paleo or even really Paleo for that matter. Do I still think gluten is bad– well yes absolutely. However, I find drinking homemade beer and having pizza from time to time to be not so bad.

Is it ideal... no. But as for the other stuff beans, dairy and etc. who gives a fuck if you don't feel sick eating them.

Oh and fyi I love oatmeal.

Apparently slow cooking this shit neutralizes some of the problems.

So, i look at food as fuel for purpose and will it get me where I need to go. I don't do fancy meals I just throw lettuce on a plate and meat on top of some rice and beans and call it good.

Maybe an orange but nothing fancy.

and now I am dredding this stupid club since I largely don't spend my time making food look pretty because I am just trying to eat enough so that I feel healthy.

There are lots of other considerations I take in when picking my food like eating sea veggies, nuts and etc. but largely I don't cook fancy and just try to eat so I don't starve. LOL!

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