Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm sick but I think that may be a good thing

So I am officially suffering from my first true cold probably in like 1.5 years or more. May be allergies or it may be a virus, who knows?

I'm looking at this as a largely positive thing right now interestingly enough. I'd like to maybe explain why even though it will be a completely non-scientific article.

For probably the past year I have felt like crap I've gone to several doctors all telling me I had a sinus infection. Several rounds of antibiotics and my ears won't pop.

I would occasionally get some mild drainage thinking finally the relief I've been seeking for over a year and nothing.

I was trying just about every iteration of the paleo diet out there hoping and praying that something would be my answer. I truly believe give the body what it needs and it will heal itself... but mine wasn't.

All those promises of paleo curing sinusitis and etc. but I wasn't experiencing that at all.

Enter the Free the Animal blog and here is a guy basically saying to throw all that conventional paleo wisdom out the door and start eating carbs again.

I was definitely low carb at the time and was really restricting the ones I ate to white rice and potatoes. Then went the rice and I was just left with potatoes with the occasional banana

I started to up my carbs a little here or there, added in some resistant starch per the blogs recommendation... and there was something happening but not the purported magic that others would have you believe online.

Then bam my friend dies, I get smacked in the head and have to get stitches, and I'm right back on the antibiotics to prevent an infection.

I order up some soil based probiotics and basically say fuck it. If it is whole foods and is unprocessed I'm going to eat it.

I still stay away from gluten.

Then I go home for the funeral I eat chili I didn't cook myself, pizza and drink lots of scotch in mourning of my dead friend.

I come home I say fuck it. I eat lentils, cheese, some oatmeal and ... what do you know I get sick.

This is great in my opinion because I think in all honesty I had an under active immune system for quite some time. I went from a weight 170 to 145 in a year and probably looked alright at the 160 mark but at 145 I'm down right disgusting.

Exercise is a thing I love and after reading an interview Jaimie Lewis did on the chaos and pain talking to a strongman who looked more like a bodybuilder I was just like screw this I need to start lifting again even if it is only to rehab a bad back.

I need to eat food and stop being so anal about things. I'm poor plain and simple so high quality cuts of meat are probably outside my budget right now but beans are an option.

The guy Lewis interviewed said just because things don't have complete amino acid profiles doesn't mean there still isn't protein in it.

Screw it I'll go the effort to sprout my beans and start eating the shit out of them.

Besides, Richard Nikoly of the FTA blog is doing his own version of high carb whole foods diet. I won't call it paleo because the guy seems to be trying to buck that wisdom and transcend. Probably more of a WAPF kind of guy if anything.

No more avoidance unless maybe it's gluten and I plan to start drinking more but would prefer it to be either liquor or a beer I make myself.

I stress about this stuff too much and it seems not stressing about it and simply just trying to do it has made it so my immune system is finally working again. Hooray!!!

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