Monday, March 10, 2014


Okie Dokie looks like for now on I am going to make a concerted effort to blog regularly. Since I have decided to blog on a fairly consistent basis I figured that I should move away from my current Tumblr account and start an actual account solely for my thoughts and ramblings as well as articles I research and write
We'll see how this goes and I imagine the Tumblr will still be the main labor of love and will inevitable be my main landing page in which people if interested in my actual blogging can be redirected here.
Either way lookout for blog posts to start coming on semi-regular basis... hopefully. I will also probably update and repost some older things from the Tumblr that I felt were particularly good and less on the crazy side of what I have done in the past. Especially my budget dieting plan which if all goes well will be experimenting fairly soon with as well as if the budget diet plan goes well will include some experiments with Soylent and if I can further stretch my dollar with a large initial investment. I may just have to gradually acquire items for the Soylent experiment over weeks or months at a time in order to properly do it since the stuff up front is so damn expensive.

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