Friday, March 21, 2014

Lets eat babies and lift some weights

As of lately I have been feeling better then I have in probably like 8 or so months. No more low carb for me right now just eating when I feel hungry and what I want as long as it follows the template of a strict paleo diet.

Sweet potatoes, yucca, plantains– oh my. Been just mowing down liver as well as of late since it is pretty cheap at my local Meijers Grocery Store (if your not familiar then you are obviously not from Michigan.)

Also, I finally lifted after a long absence and it felt amazing. I was covering a story at the local Crossfit gym in my area and jumped in to surprise the trainers. I find it pretty amusing that someone as skinny as me manages to make people look stupid by killing ring muscle ups and having fairly decent squat form despite not looking like someone built for lifting and gymnastics.

If I'm not standing naked in front of someone I look like a pussy cross country runner. Shit I'm probably fighting genetics on this one and am probably better built for endurance sports but running 20+ miles isn't nearly as cool as lifting 2x your body weight.

Regardless, I was a little nervous to jump in but when I saw these people swinging 15 kettlebells like a spastic Jillian Michaels then I knew I had to jump in. I had to educate them on some KB swings even though they were insistent that I do their shoulder and back blowing version.

There are elements of Crossfit I find interesting but some of these gyms make me nervous simply because these coaches tend to be  uneducated personal trainers who are trying to incorporate whatever is trendy with their clientele still except offering it in a slightly different setting

There seems to be a lot of emphasis on cleans and snatch as well as some of these olympic lifts but truthfully these guys are just as inexperienced as myself when it comes to these things. They're basically figuring this shit out as they teach it.

That's fine when you're using yourself as the crash dummy but when you are working with an obese soccer mom and dad then I don't know how ethical it is to teach something you barely understand.

I'm not saying I'm the expert in fact I admit that I don't really know shit but I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of mechanics and have read up on this shit more then the average gym rat. Not to mention I think, dream and masturbate to working out. Needless, to say this shit is always on my mind.

Nevertheless, I think cross training is a good thing and sometimes going to fatigue is great and is really what a person needs after a long stressful day of typing 1s-and-0s into a computer. Heck at least some of these wimps are getting strong doing Crossfit and I'm probably one of them that could benefit.

I'll probably end up being a crossfitter for the simple fact that I want access to tractor tires and bumper plates to dick around with. However, I don't see myself doing it exclusively and five days a week. I think there are days where simply just busting ass and lifting heavy is all I'm going to want to do and others where basically I just need to go to the playground and do calisthenics.

Needless to say, there seems to be a brotherhood in the community that really seems attractive to me and I am strangely being pulled in kicking and screaming despite thinking for the longest time I was going to become a power lifter. Problem is that powerlifting gets tedious and boring I've done 5/3/1 and it definitely works but I got burnt out psychologicall and it was the same with a 5x5 and etc.

Crossfit at least offers a bit of variety.

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