Wednesday, March 19, 2014

30-Day Reset Challenge

So I am holding off on my last piece on the muscoloskeletal system and how it relates to other aspects of health and other health systems like skeletal and nervous. In fact probably in all honesty I've been writing these things wrong because chiropractors are mostly dealing with probably the skeletal but it all sort of goes hand and hand so please forgive my ignorance.

Instead I just sort of want to blog about something without having to reference everything that I'm saying. The topic I have chosen is a paleo 30-day reset diet.

I'm sure everyone knows what this is and in fact Mark Sisson has a book that is slightly shorter then his classic and is for only 21 days that I usually recommend to people looking for info on the paleo diet. The book is quick to read, easy to understand and really just gets to the meat and bones of the diet and lifestyle.

This is not the best paleo book on the market but it is the best brochure I know to hand someone. Either way all these paleo books talk about doing the strict diet for like 30-days to give your body a chance to just reset... whatever that means.

For me the reset is basically because I want to asses whether I have any food allergies or not and how I feel.

I've never actually done a full 30-days on the strict paleo diet and have always done a lose one making sure to eliminate gluten from my diet with occasional beer with friends and family.

However, I am determined to do a full reset since as of lately I have been experimenting with so many different foods that my face resembles that of a 16-year-old in high school. Not to mention I am also trying to see if eating this way will accelerate my healing process and to possibly eliminate a chronic sinus infection I've had for about a year.

Basically, I am looking for miracles to be achieved in 30-days. Can a miracle happen? Who knows but if you were to read anything about it on the internet it would have you believe that by the end of it you'll be changing water to wine.

Nevertheless, I am giving it an honest goal because I have been feeling some definite negatives with all the yo-yo experimenting. I'm sadly cutting out the Bob's Red Mill and for resistant starch I'm eating green bananas and half cooked green plantains.

Basically there are different versions of this diet there is the normal one and the autoimmune one and I'm sure there is one for your little dog too.

Here is basically what it is.

Eat Only:
 Meat and Eggs
Nuts and Seeds
Tubers (no nightshades like white potatoes)
fruit (limited amounts and preferably low fructose like berries)

What not to eat:
Grains, Oats and Cereals (Basically anything with gluten or is cross-reactive think rice, quinoa, oats)

I'm basically doing this strict with one exception I am not eating eggs. I like eggs but eggs are a known allergen and I want to completely eliminate it. Basically, this is an elimination diet and when I'm done I hope to start reintroducing certain foods.

Mainly I hope to reintroduce white rice since I think it's tasty and butter. I like yogurt, kefir and beans; and actually think they can all be nutritious and useful if tolerated.

If you have been following this blog from the original Tumblr page then you know that I wrote about not always being dogmatic. I think there is too much dogmatism in this paleo thing like there is with everything else.

However, going strict once in a while I think can really help you get a feel for what sort of nourishment your body needs and where you are at with your health.

I'll be honest I have never done a reset I've just sort of adopted principals of the diet and ran with it. I've never eliminated this much stuff at once since rice and potatoes have been a huge staple in my diet for a while. I come from a family of potato farmers and I think my grandma is probably rolling in her grave.

Regardless,  I've also eliminated supplements besides a probiotic and maybe a little prebiotic formula that NOW makes called Fiber-3. I figure that by feeding the gut bugs I'm only helping myself and I'm eating fermented foods and drinking bone broth.

It's day four of the experiment and my face has cleared up a little bit but I'm not acne free as of yet. Sinuses have been on and off as well but I still have symptoms.

Either way going out with people is probably going to get real annoying real fast. People seems to have a huge problem with others sipping water instead of ordering a beer. Also, food choices in restaurants is going to be limited and probably down right annoying if I have to refuse to eat places.

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