Thursday, March 27, 2014

30-day reset and brief RS reintroduction

Frankly I don't know if I am ever going to finish these chiro articles I imagine I will get around to the final installment one of these days. As it so happens though I do most of my blogging from my work computer.

I want to be a more credible blog and actually provide some referenced material but on days when you are busy hammering out stories for the newspaper the last thing you want to do is a research piece.

Anyways, I'm going to blog about some of my resistant starch [RS] experiences. If you are not familiar with what RS then I suggest you start reading the Free the Animal blog ASAP. However, as a quick primer to why this stuff is cool check out a recent Mark's Daily Apple post which can get you up to speed pretty quick.

Anyways, for probably about a month and a half maybe more, maybe less I was supplementing with Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch in cold water. I would do 4 tbs spaced out; one with every meal and before bed.

The purpose of this is well it feeds those friendly little bugs in your stomach called probiotics. It's even better if you take them with probiotics or and fermented foods... ugh duh!

Anyways I was doing this and I have to say that this was really helping my digestion. Like a lot and I would have been like an A+ on the Bristol stool chart with the right kind of poopie. My dumps were epic and I only maybe took one or two each day but I felt like I was losing weight.

So, anyways I've been killing carbs lately and when I first started doing the Bob's thing I was feeling much more energetic but I wasn't really eating what was "paleo" since I was experimenting with all sorts of new foods beans, oats and etc.

My energy and mood seemed better but my face was breaking out and I was getting acne. So... after reading Chris Kresser's book "You Personal Paleo Code" I realized I've never done a full strict paleo diet and that maybe it was time for a reset. I think I was introducing too many variables into my diet and experimenting with too many things to judge what was having an affect and what wasn't.

Thus I stopped the Bob's since it is from potato which is a nightshade and I stopped all supplements besides my Garden of Life: Primal Defense Ultra probiotics and MCT oil. So no multivitamins, no carnitine, smart drugs, caffeine, stomach acid type stuff and etc.

So mostly just real food for my nutrition and being really hyper cognizant of what things have what vitamins. Eating fish, organ meats, sea weeds and etc. to cover all my bases.

What can I say my skin has been clearing up but my poop has been a little iffy as of late. I had about 2 tbs of Bobs left that I took and it gave me some mild aches. I'm not sure if this is due to it being a nightshade or if there are some gut bug issues like candida and these are die off symptoms.

Either way I am a big fan of RS and I ordered some Barry Farm's Plantain Flour as a substitute for the time being and will looking for King Arthur's Hi-Maize RS in my local health food store as another potential source as well.

These are both a tad bit more expensive then just simply buying the Bob's but I am hoping that once I finish my 30-day reset and avoided nightshades altogether that I'll be able to tolerate it. Either way it will be interesting to see if I notice any changes with the new sources of RS.

I have been also thinking a lot about biofilms and RS as well which might be a topic for another blog. Interested in doing Dr, BG's and Tattertot Tim's SIBO protocol with interfase plus which is a biofilm disruptor and reincorporating some Oil of Oregano and Goldenseal type herbs and maybe some oral bentonite clay or activated charcoal to soak up some of the die off.

The SIBO link is a brief description of what you can do but I really recommend reading up on the whole protocol because it involves things like psyllium husk which is a demulcent herb.

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